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We are now offering patients the ability to request for a booking online via our website. If you are unable to call us for an appointment, you may provide your examination details via this secure form which will be sent to our staff.

UPDATE FEBRUARY 2021: As most examinations are carried out one-on-one with our technicians in a small room, face masks are mandatory for all patients and accompaniment.

There are also new rules in place for patients who are attending our practice. Please take the time to read the precautions we are taking to stop the spread of COVID-19.

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For referrers, please CLICK HERE to find our digital imaging requests for your Telehealth consultation needs.

Our Promise

The Cross Radiology strives to provide the highest level of service each time you visit. From our front desk staff to our technical team, we believe the best care is to compliment our experience with friendliness and smiling faces.

The Cross Radiology is a state-of-the-art medical imaging practice in Hurstville, independently owned and operated by Dr Kit Lam. The practice is purposely designed and built to service the St George, Inner West and Sutherland Shire communities.

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X-rays are a form of radiation (X-radiation) similar to visible light, radio waves and microwaves. X-radiation is special because it has a very high energy level that allows the X-ray beam to penetrate through the body and create an image or picture.

Plain X-rays are the simplest medical images created through X-radiation.

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An ultrasound is a medical imaging procedure using high frequency sound to create pictures to look at soft tissue in your body.

Ultrasound is generally a painless procedure. Unlike X-rays, it does not have radiation.

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A CT (Computed Tomography) scan is a painless test that uses X-rays and a special X-ray machine to take cross-sectional images, showing ‘slices’ of the part of the body that your doctor has asked to be investigated.

The dose of radiation used in a CT scan is generally small and rarely produces harmful effects.

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Digital Mammography/3D Tomosynthesis

A mammogram is an X-ray examination of the breasts.

Breast tomosynthesis (3D mammography) is a newer advanced technology that has been designed to overcome the limitations and challenges associated with conventional 2D mammography by reducing tissue overlap leading to an increase in sensitivity and specificity of breast cancer detection.

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Digital Dental X-Ray

An Orthopantomogram, or OPG, is a special type of x-ray that takes images of the lower face, teeth, jaw joints and maxillary sinuses. The teeth are displayed in a long flat line. This x-ray is useful to demonstrate the number of teeth as well as their position and growth, and is particularly useful to assess teeth that have not yet surfaced.

A Lateral Cephalogram (or Lat Ceph) is an x-ray taken of the side of the face with very precise positioning, so that various measurements can be made to determine the current and future relationship of the top and bottom jaw (maxilla and mandible) and therefore assess the nature of a patient’s bite. This is particularly useful to plan any orthodontic treatment that may be necessary.

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Imaging-Guided Interventional Procedures

Dr Lam is able to perform procedures under ultrasound or CT guidance. This procedure uses CT or ultrasound to find the correct area to biopsy or injection to be given. For example, it can be used to help in finding the joint or soft tissue into which a corticosteroid or local anaesthetic needs to be injected to reduce inflammation and provide pain relief. This procedure is most often used in the shoulder, knee, hip and spine.

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Our Experienced Staff

Dr Kit Lam


Dr Kit Lam is a well-known and highly respected Radiologist in Hurstville. He graduated from The University of Sydney and spent his intern and resident years at Westmead Hospital. He has worked in Hong Kong, New Zealand, Queensland, rural hospitals, teaching hospitals, private hospitals and private practices.

Dr Lam specialises in spinal, joint and tendon injections, as well as Cardiac CT, breast imagery and Bone Mineral Densitometry.

Dr Kit Lam Radiologist

Peter Murphy

Chief Sonographer

Peter is a dynamic and dedicated Sonographer and speaker both locally and internationally with 31 years of professional experiences in private and public practices. He specialises in vascular, obstetrics, paediatrics, musculoskeletal and ophthalmic and breast ultrasounds.

He regularly conducts lectures and workshops and is a clinical consultant for Canon (Toshiba) Australia, Thailand and Singapore.

Peter Murphy Chief Sonographer

Kinna Chan

Chief Radiographer

Originally trained and qualified in Hong Kong, Kinna migrated to Australia in 1991. He has since worked exclusively in the private sector and has been involved in managing 3 comprehensive radiology practices. Kinna has also undertaken further professional education and completed a Master's degree in Applied Sciences (Medical Imaging) from The University of Sydney in 2006. This level of knowledge and experience has given him the ability to steer our radiographic team towards producing excellent outcomes.

Kinna Chan Chief Radiographer

Samantha Kong

Practice Manager

Samantha has over 28 years experience in the Radiology industry and 25 years administrative and managerial experience. She is passionate about customer service and always uses the best of her knowledge to help patients.

Her objective is to utilise her skills to collaborate with The Cross Radiology team members in order to provide the highest level of customer service.

Samantha Kong Practice Manager

A Team That Cares

We are proud to have knowledgable, friendly and caring staff that are committed to giving you the best experience at The Cross Radiology.

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